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Behdini Bible Project
Now Underway

The Behdini language is spoken by 4 million Kurdish people in northern Iraq and surrounding countries. The first complete Behdini language NT was originally targeted for completion in 2009, but there have been several delays on the project.

Light The Window has invested over $5,000 on a pilot program and another $10,000 plus to help resume the translation process.

To date the translation has progressed slowly, but surely. The translators have finished and published the Gospels — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — and the Acts of the Apostles. (Luke and Acts are pictured here.)

We need designated support to go toward the narration of this Behdini language Bible when the translation is finally completed.



Printed copy of the books of Luke and
Acts of the Apostles.

I would like to help support the narration of the Behdini Bibleplease include a note to us at checkout if you would like to donate this amount monthly.

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