A message from our partner in Nepal

“We are living day to day here as the country is in complete lockdown. We are concerned about our people and others we are trying to reach. Especially since there is a large group of people who come from daily wages/work background. They live day to day. But due to the lockdown they don’t have work — so no money and no food. They are saying, 'Corona virus may or may not kill us, but starvation will.' We have a challenge to meet this need as the markets are only open one day every 2 or 3 weeks, traveling is not allowed and there are bad shortages. BUT we have to address the need before people die without food. Please pray with us that we may be able to purchase the goods and get a special pass for our vehicles to travel around to these villages to distribute food.”

Would you give a special gift of $35 per LifePak to provide much needed emergency assistance to families of 4 for 4 weeks?

YES, I want to purchase LifePaks for Nepal

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