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Light The Window Products
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A small, solar-powered
digital audio player capable of
holding up to 320 hours
of audio content

• Solar-powered digital audio player weighs only 2.3 ounces

• Smaller than a Blackberry or iPhone and easily fits in a pocket or palm of the hand

• Intuitive raised-button keypad with 3 levels of navigation. Allows you to access books, chapters and verses quickly going forward or backward

• Listening may be paused and re-started or bookmarked for later continuous reading

• Water-resistant and shock-resistant

• Integrated solar panel charges the battery under sunlight or incandescent lighting

• Tamper-proof content

• Price includes DC fast charger, ear buds and USPS shipping in U.S.


Complete Solar Bible – $59.95

English KJV – narrated by Paul Mims
English NASB – narrated by E.W. "Red" Jeffries
Spanish – narrated by Samuel Montoya

For other foreign language content call
Royalty loading fees may apply.

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Wildllife Story Teller Brochure
Wildlife Story Teller Audio Info sheet

Give them something to hug and love that speaks to them from God's Word.

• Wildlife STORY TELLERS — different soft, furry critters — share audio Bible stories with children

• Stuffed animals have a special pocket that holds the included Story Teller solar audio player with easy to use control buttons

• Comes with "God's Story"

• includes DC fast charger and ear buds plus USPS shipping in U.S.

• When you place these animals in the hands of children, it is a tactile reminder of God's love

Wildlife Story Teller Animals
with audio Bible inside – $44.95

Select from stuffed bear, tiger or elephant.

For foreign language Wildlife Story Tellers
Call 1.407.921.6010

Royalty loading fees may apply.

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• Solar-powered case speaker amplifier

• Hard exterior black case provides durability (7 ¼” x 3 ¼” x 1 ¾”)

• Padded interior, less than 11 ounces

• Can charge a MegaVoice solar audio player or any other device that charges with low power USB

• Includes mini and micro USB cables and a 30 pin iPod connector

• Increases audio levels of a player by plugging connector cable into player ear-bud jack

• Use to increase audio level of a smartphone or iPod by plugging into solar-case speaker

• Price includes USPS shipping in U.S.


Solar Case Speaker – $34.95

Black case

We are a re-seller for all Mega Voice products. If you find something on, contact us for special retail pricing  at (407) 921-6010.

When you purchase Mega Voice products from Light The Window you are helping to provide solar-powered Bibles, Bible-storying content, and other technological tools for unreached people groups. Thank you for caring enough to share with those who have never heard.

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