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Using technology to maximize the way we do missions!

Bible Storying Projects

LTW has formed a partnership with Story Runners. They have developed a unique method of putting together a set of 42 Bible stories from Creation through the Resurrection in the heart language of an unreached people group.

A trained group meets with nationals of an unreached people group on the field. Those people who are interested are enlisted to help translate the brief stories in the people’s language. It normally takes less than month’s time to accomplish a set of stories. They practice telling the stories as they are completed. A number of people receive Christ as a result of interest in the stories, and a house church is started.

LTW has supplied MegaVoice Story Teller players to our partners so they can record these stories as they are completed right on the field, loading them from the audio files they have made on their computers. The players are used by national Christians to help them memorize and tell the stories, and to share with friends. There is an annual demand of up to 500 of these units, most of which are being used in north and west Africa, as well as in other unreached people groups.

Can you help us provide these units free of charge to our partners? We cannot do it without your help.


I would like to help support Bible Storying Projects at $25 per unit — please include a note to us at checkout if you would like to donate this amount monthly.

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