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Maithili Project

Light The Window formed a partnership with the Maithili Alliance (a group of 10-12 local churches and mission organizations) in 2012. We sponsored an entire training school of 50 national church planters. These church planters complete a training course written by TTI (The Timothy Initiative) over a 2 year period. They are required to have a house church planted and growing before graduating.

The Maithili people group is about 30 million strong and are located almost exclusively in northern India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Since March of 2008 the Maithili Alliance has trained over 6,945 national church planters and pastors, over 3,090 house churches have been formed and 17,115 new believers have come to Christ.

LTW continues to support the training of these courageous national church planters, many of whom labored right through the tragic Nepal earthquake, and other difficult situations. These pastors are winning their culture to Christ and training the people through involvement in the house churches.

$250 trains a national pastor.

Pastor's training materials


lndian pastor's meeting

I would like to help support the national pastors of northern India please include a note to us at checkout if you would like to donate this amount monthly.

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