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Download Micro SD Card Project 2017 Report

Using technology to maximize the way we do missions!

Maithili Micro SD Card Project

LTW has committed to raise funds for 10,000 Micro SD Cards to be used in cell phones among the Maithili people (an unreached people group in northern India of 30 million). This will be the first technological tool the Maithili church planters have ever had available to them to help spread the Gospel.

Each Micro SD Card is loaded with the brand new, Maithili language NT, audio from the Jesus Film, a gospel tract already responsible for thousands of decisions in another Indian dialect, discipleship material, and Christian music. Church planters and other evangelical mission groups working among the Maithili people group distribute these SD cards.

LTW financed a pilot program in 2014 of 500 of these Micro SD Cards that were loaded and distributed (see photos this page). We determined that each Micro SD Card received almost 200 “listens” in the first year.

10,000 Micro SD Cards x 200 “listens” = 2 million listens to the Gospel a year!

We believe that 10% of those who listen will eventually receive Christ and get involved in a newly planted church. That’s 200,000 receiving Christ—and that’s just in the first year!

Each Micro SD card costs only $7 to purchase.

100 SD cards = $700

10 SD cards = $70

7 SD cards = $49


…nearly EVERYONE listens,
and rarely is it just one person!



…usually it is 3 OR MORE — sometimes the
Micro SD card message is shared with a group
of 10 to 20 people at a time!

I would like to help purchase Micro SD cards for people who have never heard about Christ for $7 each — please include a note to us at checkout if you would like to donate this amount monthly


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